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"Speaking In Guns" is the first project by Built In A Day. The game features levels set in the three types of '2D shooter' games: top, side and twin-stick. The project is based around the twin-stick control style, but applies this style to all level types.

There are a few ways to play:

The single player section has top, side and twin-stick modes. Each mode includes three levels, plus mini-boss and final boss fights. There's also an 'Air Hockey' mode where you can square off against AI opponents.

The multiplayer section includes a Coop mode where you can tackle the single-player levels with a second ship. Co-Pilot mode features one ship, with players taking on Pilot/Gunner roles. Air Hockey let's you face-off 1-on-1 against a friend.

The demo has a very light narrative element. The menu screens are presented like they are on a web browser and the mission select is intended to resemble shopping on a black market site. The player is meant to feel like a space pirate that is looking for jobs on a 'dark web' forum.

Give the demo a try and send along any feedback. Whether it's good, bad or indifferent, your feedback will help determine if this concept is worth exploring.

More info at: builtinadaygames.com

Install instructions

Three-button mouse HIGHLY recommended (it's pretty much mandatory)



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